Written by Jade Hayek

You stepped on my back, and I let you, for if my bones were to be broken, I wanted them to be broken by you. Each step, and your fingers drew nearer to the pain fluttering behind my heart, each trace left my breaths caving for more, my nerves weaving and closing any openings I had left. I had no choice but to question each touch, for they left me breathless, yearning for air, wondering if it was your love that would give me life. Your fingers were fearless, owning power over either of us, for it was your fingers that always took a risk, your fingers that unraveled any barrier I had against you loving me. It was the steps of your fingers that taught me hope, you were stone, and you were water, you were the weather that washed me smooth, and when you reached my heart, you stole me with a graze, and your fingers, the steps on my back, lingered on a whisper; I will set you free.




Written by Jade Hayek

She flows like a river, unsure of her destination, lost, yet free. Her sweetness covers everything in her flow so that her presence, her smell, her touch, lingers even when she’s gone. Even when she moves directionless, she does it with such ease and takes over everything she touches. Even when she stands still, she does it with such serenity, pervading her surroundings, pervading earth. In every way, in all her ways, no day is ordinary or alike. And whether she moves with ease, or stands still, she has strengthened, sweetened, and made life alive erect forever.



Written by Jade Hayek

Wandering eyes

A walking kryptonite

Words leave her lips

Mind tells me lies

But I can’t help but wander to her eyes

Then wander to her thighs

Her face doesn’t leave mine

I see lace

Did I cross the line..

But her face doesn’t leave mine

A staring kryptonite

My staring kryptonite

I’m weak from the knees

Words floating like spring leaves

Hand on her knees

Wandering fingers

Touch that lingers

Mind tells me lies

But I can’t help but wander to her eyes

Then wander to her thighs




Written by Jade Hayek

I weaved my fingers beneath your skin, warmth kissing my tips and traveling deep within. The delicacy between your veins and the hiding of your nerves, the different ways my fingers could grip, change and swerve. There were no words between us just silence and floating depths, in every heated moment my hands travelled to the sound of your pulsing breaths. I couldn’t help but run my fingers across your lips, the warmth and the parting enchanting my finger tips. You were the excess and I wanted more time, more arms and more lips, I wanted more of my hands on your quivering hips. Because the thought of parting ways with your skin, forced me to weave the poetry of your touch and let the light in.

Photography by Alesandra Varallo


Written by Jade Hayek



Is it the space between your waist

Or space away from this?

You still taste me

Like strawberry paste on your lips

You lick your lips

It’s a hit and miss

But I don’t miss it

Only you

You know it’s true when you got me doing things I don’t normally do

I don’t

Only for you

So space..


My lips are on your waist

Tell me how much space you need away from this.

Photography by Alesandra Varallo

Take My Hand

Written by Jade Hayek

Take my hand I’ll show you another way I’ll tattoo my words in your heart Just so you can believe every part Your vulnerability Your weaknesses The way you say things to make me run away They just draw me closer I don’t have the answers Sometimes I question why I stay when you say things to make me run away But my will to try harder stains this moment and the next My hands wait for you to take hold Even when you try to act cold I can see deeper than what you show on the surface I can swim deeper than the barriers you place on me to keep me in safety Because you think it’s safer to hide away Tear my heart into pieces Love me then leave me and then love me again The fear of love draws me closer to you For if I don’t risk it all now If I don’t take a chance Both our hearts will be caged And neither of us will be saved.

Photography by Alesandra Varallo


Written by Jade Hayek

The heat between our lips is becoming too much to bear,

I’ve undressed you in my thoughts, I’ve undressed you with my stare.

I want all of you, even the pain that seeps from your skin,

But you’re giving me so little of you, you won’t let me in.

I can’t explain why I stay when I know you’re not mine,

Lies stain your lips, but I still stay every time.

The distance between us is becoming too much to bear,

I’m so close to unraveling you, I’ve already crossed the line with my stare.

From the surface you hide your feelings well,

But when I kissed you, you unraveled from your shell.