Written by Jade Hayek

The heat between our lips is becoming too much to bear,

I’ve undressed you in my thoughts, I’ve undressed you with my stare.

I want all of you, even the pain that seeps from your skin,

But you’re giving me so little of you, you won’t let me in.

I can’t explain why I stay when I know you’re not mine,

Lies stain your lips, but I still stay every time.

The distance between us is becoming too much to bear,

I’m so close to unraveling you, I’ve already crossed the line with my stare.

From the surface you hide your feelings well,

But when I kissed you, you unraveled from your shell.




Written by Jade Hayek

I will stand by you

I will

United we stand

Divided we fall

Our hands together plant light

Our equal parts

The wholeness we still deliver apart

To balance and stand tall amid it all

I am responsible to deliver my best parts

While you responsible to deliver yours

Yet we mustn’t ignore the empowerment in our personal internal values

I will support you to find balance within

While I will accept your support

While I will strive to express more

While we do what our hearts desire

Not what we think we should do or be

Our false beliefs must catch fire

And at the heart of our equal responsibility

I will stand by you

I will

United we stand

Divided we fall.

Photography by Alesandra Varallo


Written by Jade Hayek

If you pull at your ear again, I will no longer refrain from devouring your lips, I will no longer refrain from tugging at your hair that drops against your luminous body. Are you biting your lips to punish me? I have thought about the different ways to whisper the way you make me feel by just sitting there, breathing. I am trying to hold back the words that can only be expressed through action, I want to touch you everywhere all at once, I want to learn you. The bareness of your neck makes me hungry, I want to mark you, so you remember that you are mine. I can tell you are aching, I just want you to surrender to my touch, because I can no longer take this heat between us, I can no longer refrain from hearing you whisper my name when I devour you, all of you, at once.

Photography by Alesandra Varallo


Written by Jade Hayek

Don’t stand too close to me, why are you looking so deeply into my eyes? I’m not going to try and hide it, I’m not going to lie, sometimes my mind takes a walk to the dark side, ego tries to illuminate my thoughts, but the only thing that latches on is the desire to put it into words, to express it through words, black ink, darker than the darkness that tries to illuminate, so how can you try and stand close to me, how can you look so deeply into my eyes when I’m trying to escape these lies that try and drag me to that side, but pride aside, ego aside, my third eye winks, the light within me blinks more than anything darker than black ink, anything darker than the words I express, the words I confess, see how I said try more than once, because I will not let the darkness illuminate, I will try and see past my fears, don’t listen to me, stand close to me, look deeply into my eyes, I don’t want to hide anymore, I want you to travel deep within me, deep within my core, I want to show you more.

Photography by Alesandra Varallo


Written by Jade Hayek

I said let it flow,

I could close my mouth to keep the words in, to hold back from kissing you,

I could bite my lips to cover the ache I felt from shying away,

But my hands,

I couldn’t stop my hands from running, fidgeting, tracing body parts,

I wanted you to know that it was your neck I wanted to touch, your lips I wanted to run my fingers across, your hands I wanted to hold.

There were moments,

Moments when the music took control of our thoughts,

Moments when you poured out your fears, the dreams that kept you up at night,

Where I just wanted to hold you,

Tell you that I had thought about the different ways I could kiss your lips.

I said let it flow,

In my head,

The only words that came out are the ones my hands are desperately trying to speak,

Running across a blank page,

And again,

Word after word,

It’s all poetry.

Photography by Alesandra Varallo


Written by Jade Hayek

There are no walls to divide us other than the ones I build from within, other than the anxious emotions that gather in intuition telling me to move closer to you, closer to the truth. The words that travel from your heart to your mouth plant kisses on everything that aches in me. The grasp of your hands against my back sends light to all the crumbling pieces in my heart. Your honest eyes refill all the water I’ve lost in mine so I can keep flowing, so I can keep rebuilding. This is how you save lives, this is how you saved mine.

Photography by Alesandra Varallo


Written by Jade Hayek

It’s vividly clear, all my actions lead me nearer and nearer to the complete serenity of earthly stillness, expression through words, expression through birds, conversing amongst moving leaves from grounding trees. Am I sleep walking alone or am I sleep walking to my calling, it all seems as if a moving daze, I am floating, questioning, yet I am certain that it’s with direction. My emotions cloak me, I am here and I am there, lost in-between, a sea boundless and measureless, forever moving. It overwhelms me, when I stop, everything I am connected to whispers, everything within me flickers, I am a currency, I am light, torn between where I am and everywhere I think I should be, yet all my actions lead me nearer and nearer to the complete serenity of earthly stillness, expression through words, expression through birds, conversing amongst moving leaves from grounding trees. I am here.

Photography by Alesandra Varallo