And when you did it, I thought I might even write about it, I tried to mask it, act stronger cause of it, but now I’m writing about it, cause it fucking hurt. Yeah I got issues, and you got them too, but you knew my issues weren’t cause of you, you knew my issues were still runnin’ through, and I was still tryna love you, still tryna hold it through, cause you deserved that chance. But I always knew there was more, that’s why I kept walkin’ out the door, that’s why you fucked up, just like I did before, and this time I closed the door, I wasn’t coming back like before. I’ve been lost, going to bed thinking about it, waking up thinking about it, but what’s the cost, when I knew it all along, my intuition’s never wrong, the past two months I’ve listened about it in every song, cause it’s never fucking wrong. I got all anxious for no reason, that’s what I thought though, but it was for a reason, different season, same feeling, you were the same reason. I thought it was the issues fallin’ through, might have been the issues too, but it was you, it was me, we weren’t meant to be. And when you did it, I thought I might even write about it, really I thought I might write about everything we’d been through, everything about you, but those words didn’t make it through, now I’m wondering whether it was all true, cause we didn’t make it through. 

Jade Hayek


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