Tell me a secret


“Tell me a secret…”

– “What kind of secret?”

“Any kind.”

– (The light in your eyes and darkness in your soul terrify me, yet I wouldn’t change a thing about you.)

– “Hmm.. I don’t have any.”

“That’s not true cause everyone has secrets.”

– (You have consumed my thoughts since the moment I met you. I have memorized the way your hair parts, the rhythm of your heart beat, and the innocence of your face.)

– “Here’s a secret.. I’m afraid.”

“Afraid of what?”

– (Commitment, letting my heart love what it wants, and you. I’m afraid of you because you have the power to set me free and you don’t even know it.)

– “Snakes.”

“Are you for real?”

– “Seriously. It’s the tongue. And the way they slither. Yuck!”

“Tell me something else.”

– (I think I love you.)

– “…”

Jade Hayek


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