Mindful of it all


You’re mindful of it all because your minds full of it all. You hold your strength, even when you’re tense, you voice your words, even when you’re hesitant. Even though it doesn’t show, you hold more than you know, you glow more than you know. You’ve got clear eyes that see straight through the lies, you’ve got the realist soul, you’ve come far to become whole. You’re mindful of it all, you ground me when I fall, you light up the night, you can surrender the fight. You glow more than you know, let it all blow, let it all show, let it all go. Stick with the soul of your expression, make art out of your tension, know your worth, you come first. You’re a blessing, let that sink, you’re art, engraved in me like ink, let that sink. 

Jade Hayek 


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