I’m so caught up cause it feels good, questioned, doubting, whether I should. I’m a sucker for the rush, sitting on the high chair cause I’m closer to cloud nine, hush. Keeping my mouth shut when I’m with you locally, writing about it globally. I need a breather, but I’ll never leave ya. The music inspires me, puts things into perspective, I tune in to see. You tell me to meditate more cause you think I’m unsure, but how come every time I write, I’m clearer and you need to turn on the light cause you ain’t sleeping at night. It’s a jungle in here, I’m not ashamed, my eyes are clear. If you’re reading this, a little less talking, a little more action, cause sometimes the words you speak sound like a hiss. But I’m not taking it personally, kiss kiss. 

Jade Hayek 


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