It’s not you, It’s me 


We’ve studied this topic since birth, consciously subconsciously, above and below earth. The world doesn’t go round without love, let’s be real, it fucks with us, the only thing that sustains happiness. Oblivious or not, write it down; call it a confession. Independence, strength, commitment issues, we go to all fucking lengths. Excuses and heart breaks, we left honesty in a box, too scared to let in fakes. We bring our past into our present, and fuck it up, “it’s not you, it’s me”, the same bullshit we vent. I read it once or twice; love ain’t meant to be easy, but it ain’t meant to be hard either. We think games reel us in, three-hour delays, cheating, but we don’t call that a sin. Put a ring on it six months in, shit gets real, so we give up, throw the ring in the bin. We don’t practice what we preach, Lauryn Hill says it best “now don’t you understand man universal law, what you throw out comes back to you, star never underestimate those who you scar, because karma, karma, karma, comes back to you hard.” There ain’t no clever words to make love real, the truth then, and the truth now has always been the same. 

Jade Hayek 


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