Coming together 


It’s just funny how you talk about coming together, spitting all these lines about good energy, we gotta be one; synergy. Social media talks, especially when you’re putting up a facade about how you gotta keep your head up and walk. You want to inspire someone, so you search for all these likes, but how come when you’re present, you talk in spite. Aren’t we meant to come together, social media ain’t shit if you can’t hold that good energy in person, you’re acting like the weather. It’s all good to have the intentions, within and without, just don’t forget to mention, coming together means inspiring when shit gets tiring, lifting each other up when shit starts over filling; half empty, half full cup. Analogies, no grudges, intuition speaks truthfully, practice what you preach, don’t suck energy dry like a leach. It’s not what you’ve got; how many likes, possessions, blurred words you call motivation while you’re smoking pot. It’s what you give; an evolution, coming together, that’s it, it’s the main fucking solution. 

Jade Hayek 


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