The beat of the music played against the beat of her heart. Filling each skip to make up for the lost breaths. The sound resonated with the dancing nerves sitting in her stomach. It was a feeling she never had before. Reminding her that even when she felt emotionless, a thumb against the strings of a guitar immediately drew her attention in to a connection. Her heart was always moving, but now it was finally moving. When the music washed in with a sudden ring overpowering the thoughts in her mind, she couldn’t help but close her eyes to find the words that would match the frequency of its energy. Each new instrument that faded in created a rush from her fingers to the paper. The sound moved her in ways music could only understand, and her body synchronized and surrendered to its power. It illuminated and healed her with love. She was left with a vibe that filled her until she became it. She was it; she was music. 

Jade Hayek


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