Follow me 


I wave my hands up to show you what’s out there, 
If you are too tired to speak, come and stand with me and release all care.
I’m scared too, but there’s an air of mystery and wildness in our bones,
Just like the water, we grow with each of its tones.
Let’s leave our worries right here,
As each wave comes in, we’ll wash away all fear. 
We’ll run our feet through the sand, 
Connecting with the sea to give us strength to stand. 
Follow me, hold the sun up on your palm,
Let it all in before we go under where the world is mute and calm. 
Freedom awaits us on the breezes of the sky,
When our lungs are close to bursting, it will teach us that this world is more than meets the eye. 

Jade Hayek


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