Stillness falls asleep to find answers that are deep.. Deep within, the answers you can’t keep. A longing desire; lust, love, fire. It all burns, especially when you try avoiding them by taking different turns. Through the stillness, emotions creep up your skin, you’re the witness. The kind of love that excited you slowly clouds your mind, because the other love you seek is in front, yet still seems behind. Behind because it seems unfaithful, behind because they’ll call it a sin, but it’s pulling you in; push, pull, push, pull. Open the door, it says pull, you know you want to explore. Stillness begins to awake, a chaos you can’t break. The answers are the fire; a combination of lust, love, desire. You can’t hold your tongue to preserve the feelings, you’ll end up staring blank at the ceiling. Stillness awakes.. She’s laying by your side, you just need to accept she’s what you want, that’s all it takes. You wish she was still just a human to you, but every time you look at her, you see poetry. 

Jade Hayek


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