It’s the constant thinking that exhausted her.
She kept herself occupied to run away from that one moment everything would cave in. 
You know, she’d hold it together so well for everyone,  
Yet she was burning, just like the sun.
When she spoke, I couldn’t help but empathize with her, 
Each sinking word would make her turn her face to hide the weakness she was trying to blur. 
I always wondered why it was so hard to ask someone if they were okay when they needed it, 
And in that moment, when she let it all out, I knew why. 
Most people find it so hard to be there at your weakest point.
Vulnerability is a shy away,
It will either force you to go or stay. 
The depths of someone’s emotions can be too overwhelming,
You’ll see some just watching, melting. 
It creates a make or break in a relationship,
Too many jumping ship. 
But you know what made me most proud when she spoke..
Even after everything she had been through, 
She spoke with light, hope, and left me with words to take home too. 

Jade Hayek ☿


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