I think about this all the time,
And if it has taught me anything, it’s to give you a sign.
Most of our actions and words are catered for what we want to achieve in the future,
Going about our days with this as our booster.
Our booster to keep moving forward and to find happiness in each of our tasks,
Yet we tend to forget that it’s all temporary if we live behind this kind of mask. 
How can we experience true peace,
If we don’t look within and release. 
Release our past, future and fears,
And begin focusing on what’s near. 
Because as cliche as it may sound,
No moment is as important as this one, and we need to look around. 
We need to look at everything we’re doing, saying, and the company we keep,
This is how we will begin to reap. 
We need to fill our days with our purpose,
Staying true to ourselves and working to that service. 
It doesn’t matter what anyone thinks about how we choose to live each moment,
Aslong as love is in each component. 
Because we need to express each of our parts,
To whomever and whatever is written in our hearts. 
I’m still thinking about this now,
So I’m going to get up and live each moment to this vow. 

Jade Hayek ☿


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