Ice clear


I keep finding him in the office with the lights off,
His head lays in-between his arms like he’s trying to block out the noise.
He doesn’t know that I heard his cough,
I’m just praying that he’ll let go of those toys. 

I try and talk to him,
But he is fighting a battle with his thoughts.
The light in his head is starting to dim,
His words are slurred, so he shuts his mouth to avoid getting caught.

He lifts his head up and covers his eyes,
Complaining he can’t see properly,
His actions are no surprise. 

It hurts to see him this way,
But he does it to himself, he doesn’t want to change,
He’s completely lost in a state of play. 

I’m trying to help him see things differently,
But it’s a puff in the face.
He’s creating his own negativity,
Living in a drug space.

I see right through him; ice clear, but he keeps turning the lights off. 

Jade Hayek ☿


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