Escaping mazes 


You act so cold to mask your ways,
But deep within, you’re trying to escape from that maze. 
Hidden emotions swimming to the surface, 
You used to be able to hold them back, that’s no longer part of your purpose. 
There are days when you question it all,
This is part of who you are, or else you would fall.
Your heart is pure, and when you experience anger it tears you apart,
So you act so cold until its released through art.
It’s like you find it easier keeping secrets,
But you keep drowning in the deepness.
Despite your ranging, you continue staying true to yourself,
While you strive to express it through words to sit on a book shelf.
You’ve nearly escaped your hidden maze,
Speak up, you deserve to be respected in all your ways.
The coldness was never real anyway. 

Jade Hayek ☿


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