The girl in the coffee shop


Dear diary, 

Today I was just observing the people in the coffee shop.
Looking around and thinking,
Everyone has a story, from the girl in the black top to the man heading to the bus stop. 
Each memory, achievement, heart break and first kiss, 
We’ll never know,
Each human life intricate, in the vast abyss. 
I felt deep sonder with the people around, We are all epitome of good,
Lost and found.
So I’m here writing a message..
Show up to the people around you, 
Offer what you can.
Be a healer too.
Smile at the girl in the black top,
Love people when they need it,
Even if you feel they don’t deserve it, don’t stop. 
Because one day too,
You’ll be sitting in a coffee shop, 
And you’ll want someone to show up for you.

Jade Hayek ☿


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