A message from the soul 


A message from one soul to the next.
Stay strong you brilliant compass,
Look for the guiding text,
You are directing yourself to oneness.
There will be times when the enormity of things will overwhelm you,
Leading you towards the heat,
Wondering how you will break through,
Without burning your feet.
However, development of greater awareness of yourself and your relationship to the world around you,
Is a process of stepping into the fire,
Allowing the flames to pursue,
Your wholeness to take you higher.
This will cause rage, fury and fear,
Making it hard to breathe.
In these moments, everything will become clear,
For you must let go and seethe.
This is the beginning of your wholeness,
You are being led to the light.
This does not mean you will not experience darkness,
You mustn’t ignore the parts you are afraid to look at birthright.
Tap into this authenticity,
Be a hot mess,
Be too much and lose simplicity,
This is part of being human, and part of your success.
You are exploring the furthest reaches of the universe,
An adventure to the depths within.
Be conscious and diverse,
This is where you begin. 

Jade Hayek ☿


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