His hands an art in themselves.

Big, strong, firm.

Ones that you know could grasp you from the thighs,

And hold you effortlessly against the bedroom wall.

His eyes so beautiful,

Telling their own story.

He looks deep within your soul,

Unraveling the layers you are trying to hide.

He doesn’t stop,

He doesn’t look away.

His warmth radiates,

Yet his look is deep and dark.

Dark shades of beauty.

He wants you to know you’re safe,

He’s not going anywhere.

When he licks his lips,

You know he’s about to pull you in and kiss you.

Soft kisses first,

Teasing you,

Pulling back,

Bringing you back in.

He has captured his prey,

Using his tongue now to show you who’s in charge.

You can’t control him,

So you let go,

To a fantasy only he can give.

Your body weakens,

Moving to his rhythm..

This is your sacred place.

Jade Hayek ☿


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