Are you scared of commitment?
How come every time I look at you, you turn away?

She crept in to savour his scent..
Pushing him away, yet she wanted him to stay.

I want you to look me in the eyes,
You need to let me in.

She looked up to his surprise,
With a cheeky grin.

You know I can’t help but love you,
Even though you drive me insane.

She needed a breakthrough,
He deserved love, not pain.

I’m going to run my hands over all the dents and worn edges of your heart,
Do you understand?

She knew she had to let him in on every part,
But she thought he’d run away, unplanned.

Show me your soul,
I’ll fight every battle with you to break down your wall.

In that moment she felt whole,
He knocked out her fears; her fireball.

Jade Hayek ☿


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