Turning thirteen 


New chapter; high school, she was turning thirteen,
Mama always kept the house clean.
Her family was breaking apart,
She was still young, expressing her pain through art.
The first day of school was still so clear,
Mama was in hospital; Mama why did you hide your fear?
She was meeting new peers on her lunch break,
Hiding her pain, smile was fake.
First day of school was over,
Mama needed a four leaf clover.
“I’m okay”,
“Go outside and play”,
Mama knew her daughter was an over thinker,
Her mind always ticking like a car blinker.
She didn’t tell mama that she cried on her first day,
They sent her to the school counsellor, but she had nothing to say.
She was turning thirteen, still young,
Thought she was smart, biting her tongue.
She wanted to hold it together,
Just like a feather,
But it was starting to take a toll,
She was burning like coal.
Her nerves were all over the place that night,
Mama wasn’t in sight.
She had so much to say to her pa,
He wasn’t even there, he was in and out of his car.
She kept the house clean just like her mama did,
It became an obsession while she kept her feelings under a lid.

Jade Hayek ☿


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