They seem to say a lot about Gemini,
Trying to restrain her when she was born to fly.
Curiosity always reaps in,
For her and for them, they see it burning within her skin.
She’s nervous, indecisive so to speak,
Along with shyness, they try and take a peak.
They begin reading her, just like a book,
Yet just like a wild fish, they can’t keep her on the hook.
She’s out of her mind,
In places they never find,
Fascinated in different ways,
Hide and seek; excited, they get lost in her maze.
They find her expression through her words in ink,
She’s creating a message she hopes will sink,
Deep within their brain,
Hoping they’ll never be the same.
She loves deeply or not at all,
They try and break down her wall.
Gemini hides her story well,
Behind her smile, they can never tell.
She’ll take them on a journey of change,
She’s always seeking the strange.
Just like air, her sign,
She’ll take them to cloud nine.

Jade Hayek ☿

(Artwork by Celeste Hayek)


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