It is hard to open up. I still find it difficult to express how I’m feeling. I taught myself to put up a wall to mask feelings so I wouldn’t have to deal with them.

For a long time I had a bad attitude. It’s easy to blame your past and circumstances for this, but I take full responsibility. Everything in life is a choice. When faced with difficult times, we can either stay down, or rise. I chose to rise.

I worked really hard on developing myself to be the best person I can be, and still work on that everyday. To master anything in life, we need to be consistent. Some days will be harder than others. I can say that there are days when I’m in constant battle with my mind and thoughts. These are challenges and tests to help with our expansion. It’s through these times that I have come up with the best ideas and focused further on my growth.

We are the masters of our minds. We can choose fear, or we can choose love. Once we are conscious of our thoughts, we can achieve anything.

We are all beautiful energy waiting to be unleashed. We are all full of unlimited potential. We are all creators.

You have the power to change. 

Jade Hayek ☿


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