What is love to you?


To love yourself is rare,
So many of us wouldn’t dare.
If only we knew what it could do,
We would change our whole view.
What is love to you?
Have you ever thought that through?
The way someone makes you feel..
Does that make it real?
Your favourite season…
Is that your reason?
We can fall in love with everything around,
From heaven to this ground,
Holding back, nervous,
Because we believe in our surface.
When relationships aren’t the same,
Life is a running game,
Will this love still remain?
The answer is so clear,
Our instinct is to fear.
We lose ourself in this perception of love,
Like a swift breeze from above.
Taken by surprise,
Yet leaves, here’s what lies.
A solution,
Of evolution,
Just take the dare,
To love yourself is rare.
One thing is for sure,
It will open every door.
For we will begin to live and breathe,
No longer will we seethe.
Goodbyes will be hard to come by,
Our love won’t be easy to try.
For we will be in love with our lives differently this time,
It will be sublime.
So did this change your whole view?
What is love to you?

Jade Hayek ☿


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