We are reborn more than once.
We are forever changing.
We have our highs.
We have our lows.
It’s part of our making, and if we are in tune, it’s part of our awakening.
Everything we go through is a challenge.
Easy won’t break us and it won’t remake us.
We can be more, do more and make an impact.
We were born with talents and creativeness unique to each of us.
These aren’t meant to be locked in a box.
They need to be used.
We fail. We try again.
We don’t give up.
Those around us need us too. They’re looking up to us.
It’s not about what we have. No one remembers that.
It’s about what we do.
Live our greatest life and live it to our fullest potential.
We are amazing.
This is our awakening.

Jade Hayek ☿


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